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Welcome to Butterfield Trust in Singapore    


Trust is a tradition at Butterfield…in every sense of the word.

We have been in the business of establishing and administering trusts for our clients since the advent of offshore trust legislation more than 80 years ago. During this time Butterfield has helped individuals, families and businesses protect, grow, and optimise their financial well-being.

Since 1858, when The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited was established in Bermuda, trust has been a hallmark of the relationship we have with our clients. This is a legacy we work hard to uphold, with personalised service and a commitment to providing clients with access to professionals who have unparalleled expertise in the field of trust legislation and administration.

Singapore's reputation as a well-established and diversified international finance centre, and Butterfield's multi-jurisdictional capabilities and proven experience are an ideal combination.

For further information please contact a member of our team.

For more information on services provided in other locations please visit Butterfield Trust in these locations: The Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Switzerland.

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Address: Butterfield Trust (Asia) Limited
#14 02-04
6 Battery Road
Singapore 049909

Tel: + 65 6916 3636




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